Halloween: I Hate Clowns

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. Look through the citations and do a simple search on Google will result in numerous articles explaining who clowns are almost universally feared by adults and children alike. And with the day getting shorter, colder weather, and Halloween season now upon the US, what better time to spook the public and engage its imagination than scary killer-clowns. After all, vampires and werewolves are embraced as sex objects and zombies are nothing to fear as long as one is a good shot and is fit enough to outrun them.

So, in an attempt to gain notoriety and social media creds, idiots in Bakersfield, California are dressing up as clowns and made a point to look as sadistic and menacing as possible. It’s all fun and games unless someone is seriously hurt or actually killed as a result of such pranks.

This all started in Wasco, California where a husband and wife team began taking pictures of the clown (presumably the husband) as an photography project. As a result of the weird and not quite normal nature of a scary clown walking about town, others have taken to duplicate the experience.

Now in Bakersfield, multiple sightings of copycat clowns have been reported resulting in the arrest of one teenage clown. To the teens and bored individuals who perpetrated these pranks, being able to post pics and stories onto Instagram or Twitter might be fun, law enforcement in Bakersfield did not find it amusing.

In all likelihood, more reports of clowns or other costumed individuals will be reported leading up to the 31st, just know that fear of clowns is rational and nothing to be ashamed of.

Source: Los Angeles Times.